MANGANAL Flats Wear Resistant High Manganese High Carbon Steel


  • Resists all Impact and Abrasion
  • Work Hardens Rapidly up to 550 Brinell Due to High Carbon Content
  • Remains Ductile Throughout, Never Brittle
  • Work Hardened Surface Becomes Almost Friction- Less Which Allows the Materials to Slide Easily
  • Has Non-Magnetic Property
  • Can Be Cut By Oxy-Acetylen E Torch, Plasma, Water Jet, Or Laser
  • Hadfield Grade
  • Fully Heat Treated
  • Fully Austenitic
  • ASTM A128

    Weld with Stulz Manganese-XL or Stulz 1616

    Manganal is Used Here for Maintenance and Repair Within the Foundry and Shot Blast Industries . . .
    Barrel Head Liners, Floor Liners, Wheel Housings, Chains, Cab. Wall Liners , Table Liners, Flights, Hooks, Hanging Liners, Table Rings, Blasting Trees, Shafts, Rotary Screen Separators, Floor Gratings
    . . . and any other places where heavy impact, abrasion or metal-to-metal wear is a problem.

    Fabricated Parts to Specification
    Welded, Punched, Drilled and Formed Fabrications will be Quoted on Submission of Sketch or Blueprint Specifications.