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Creusabro 8000

Typical 470 HB –» Work harden to ?540 HB
Delivery condition : Guaranteed 430/500 HB

 8000  is known as the best solution for severe applications where exceptional abrasion, impact, heat and moderate corrosion are requested in service. It is currently used in Mining, Quarries, Cement and Concrete industries, Asphalt Plants, Steel Recycling, Earthmoving, Dredging...

500 HB
water quenched steel

Conventional route
Passive material
Creusabro® 8000
Alternative route
Active steel
» Restricted alloy elements (mainly C, Mn, B) » Specific chemical composition
» Drastic water quenching » Controlled cooling (oil quenching)
» Fully martensitic structure » Mix macrostructure:
  martensite + bainite
  + retained austenite
  » Perfect balance : high wear resistance + improvement workability
  » Wear resistance in service is a combination of:
  –» work-hardening effect (TRIP phenomenon)
  –» Presence of micro-carbides (chromium, molybdenum, titanium)
  –» Delayed tearing of metal particles (super-ductility of the retained austenite).
Wear resistance in service is a result of the hardness in the asdelivered state. It is an answer for common applications. Stulz-Creusabro 8000 is an answer for intense, specific applications.
Fully Austenitic
Creates an Active Surface
Ductile Interior
Ensures a Sustained Work Life
Reinforced Cell Structure
Reduces Chip-Off and Cracking
Eliminates Cracking
Excels where Severe Abrasion
Impact & High Heat are Factors
Easy Machining and Processing
Sensitive to Strain Hardening

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